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Every Qualified Motor Vehicle operator or owner has to report 2290 taxes with the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) and pay tax liabilities for using the public highways. IRS Tax Form 2290 is reported annually and always paid in full. It is mandatory to e-file (electronic filing) when 25 or more vehicles reported in a tax return. Every vehicle weighing 50,000 pounds and more are taxable and based on the taxable gross weight taxes are paid.

Every vehicle has to be registered or required to be registered in the owner’s name under state, District of Columbia, Canadian, or Mexican’ law and should have a valid Employer Identification Number (EIN). The owner can be an individual or a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, Partnership Firm, or any other type of organization (including nonprofit, charitable, and educational, etc.) to file 2290 online.

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Suspended and Exempted from tax, Vehicles

Is your vehicle suspended or exempt from 2290 taxes? It is still required to report it to the IRS as a no tax return. When a vehicle is well used within 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles), on a public highway it is treated as suspended from tax and exempt however required to prepare and report 2290’s with the IRS. When you fail, you are liable to pay penalties for the same. By any means the vehicle crosses this estimated mileage limit then 2290 Amendment return has to be reported and the tax enquired is payable.

Vehicles that fall into the Category of Suspended Vehicles:

  • Annual miles covered by a commercial vehicle is lesser than 5,000 miles
  • Annual miles covered by an Agriculture vehicle is less than 7,500 miles
  • Vehicles, which are not considered as highway motor vehicles. For e.g., mobile machinery for non-transportation functions, and non-transportation trailers and semi-trailers
  • Qualified blood collector vehicles which are officially used by blood banks and organizations

Exemptions Vehicles:

These vehicles are exempted from filing tax, irrespective of the miles covered.

Groups That Come Under Exemptions Are:

  • The Federal Government
  • The American Red Cross
  • Indian tribal governments (To carry out essential tribal government functions)
  • Mass transportation authority’s (under certain conditions)

Government and charitable institutions constitute one group, who do not require filing form 2290.

After understanding the requirements, methodologies and types of vehicles, you need to know how to pay your dues for 2290 online.

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